Annual Report

Year ending 30.06 2016

The Charity is controlled by a Charity Commission Scheme dated 24 January 2012 (ref 851/1112) and is registered Charity No. 210057. The Incorporation of the Trustees of the Mary Parminter Charity was sealed on 28th October 1993.
Details of the structure of the Charity and its Officers and Advisers are set out in the Accounts.
The Charity was founded under a Trust Deed of 1813 by Jane and Mary Parminter then living at A La Ronde, Exmouth (now a National Trust property). In 1811 they completed a building on part of their estate situated in Summer Lane, Exmouth, consisting of a Chapel, School and Almshouses in the middle of a 3-acre field known as Point-in-View. There was one building containing the Chapel, Schoolroom (closed in 1911) and 4 tiny almshouses for “poor spinsters of not less than 50 years and of good character and possessed of some independent means”. Provision was also made for the appointment and payment of a Chaplain to care for the residents and lead worship at the Chapel.
A manse was built in 1829 as a residence for the Chaplain and is now occupied by the current Chaplain who also acts as Warden to the Almshouse residents. Services of Worship are held every Sunday morning in the Chapel.
In 1969 it was decided that the old almshouses needed to be replaced to meet modern housing standards and three new bungalows were erected, with two further bungalows built in 1977, one of which is suitable for a couple. The original rooms around the chapel were reduced to two dwellings with shared facilities and in 1996 these were amalgamated into one self-contained dwelling, plus a Community Room and kitchen attached to the Chapel, with a toilet for the disabled in the out-building. The work was completed in August 1997.
There is no longer an age limit attached to residence, but preference is still given to older single women in need of housing and with limited financial means. The Charity is a member of the Almshouses Association and the management of the properties is in keeping with the guidelines issued by the Association.

The Accounts are in a format required to comply with the Charities Act 2011 and the Regulations of 2005 and 2008 for a Charity with under £250,000 annual income and for Receipts and Payments Accounting. The Trustees maintain two separate funds, a General Trust Fund and a Housing Fund. The Housing Fund relates solely to the income and expenditure of providing Almshouse accommodation and is required to be self-supporting and non-profit-making. The Housing Fund has an ERF (Extraordinary Repair Fund) which at 30.06.2016 had a market value of £92,100 and a Maintenance Fund with a market value of £17,596. Repairs and Maintenance for the Housing accommodation cost £12,307 during the year.
The General Trust Fund relates to the provision of the chapel building for worship and the Manse for the resident chaplain, along with the payment of an honorarium to the chaplain. There is an ERF for the Chapel and Manse which at 30.06.2016 had a market value of £97,429 and a Maintenance and Administration Fund (unrestricted) with a market value of £126,703. Considerable repair work was done on both Chapel and Manse, includiing external paintwork, amounting to £15,567.
Separate Funds are generated by the Church Members for the running costs of the chapel and also for the overall expenses of the Chaplain and the running costs related to the Manse. The Church avccounts are attached as an appendix to the Charity accounts.

RESIDENTS: All cottages are occupied.
ACTIVITIES: The Trustees have continued their policy of maintaining and improving the cottages, and supporting the Church community.
TRUSTEES: Two new Trustees have been appointed during the year, to replace one trustee who died and another who resigned because of other commitments.

Revd Iain McDonald

Mrs Sheila Brain